Searching For Marijuana Seeds Online

If you are searching for marijuana seeds online then eventually you are going to end up buying them from one of the many seed banks who retail them. You don’t want to simply choose the first seed bank you come across though, and ideally you should go with a proven and reliable option that is guaranteed to deliver your precious cannabis seeds directly to your door.

Some of the best marijuana seed banks online in our opinion are Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS), Nirvana, White Widow Seeds and BC Seeds. We like the fact that AMS has all of the best marijuana seeds for sale, while Nirvana seems to have the most competitive prices of all of the seed banks we have come across. White widow seeds are a company that sells only “white” marijuana strains, but if you want 100% delivery rate guaranteed then in our opinion BC Seeds is the best option. When you order from this cannabis seed bank, you can simply sit back, but your slippers on and relax as you wait for your precious future little marijuana plants to arrive in the post.

If you don’t know which weed strain to purchase, then we can highly recommend that you try out Jack Herer. This is a strain that we have grown many times with great success and is a powerful and potent Indica/Sativa hybrid. The beauty of growing a hybrid pot strain is that you get the benefits of both the heavy mind numbing Indica feeling combined with the head racing sativa effects, and all from smoking just one strain of cannabis. You can purchase Jack Herer in either regular, feminized or autoflowering options at many of the best seed banks online.

Feminised cannabis seeds are perhaps the best yet most expensive option. They are expensive because it takes quite a significant bit of work to create them, using modern science and technologies to create 99% guaranteed all female weed plants.

Using what is known as colloidal silver, the female cannabis plant’s buds are reverse pollinated, ensuring that the seeds they create only have feminine characteristics. Since your average grower does not want any males in their grow room, and in fact frowns upon these pollen sac producing weed plants due to their ability to destroy an entire harvest, feminized marijuana seeds have exploded in popularity in recent years and have quickly overtaken the former method of producing feminised plants known as “cloning”.

If you have not yet experience the beauty of smoking marijuana, and are just as what I call the “informing yourself stage”, then perhaps you would be glad to hear that marijuana is not deemed to be as dangerous or in any way addictive as many other drugs such as opium, heroin or cocaine. In fact, we feel utterly revolted every time we heard class in any of these brackets, since we see it as no more than a simple plant which offers so many medical pain relieving opportunities.

Perhaps some of the stigma which comes is related to the smoking of tobacco with many people use to help keep the weed lighting by smoking it through a joint. We on the other hand prefer to use marijuana vaporiser to eliminate this toxic smoke. With that being said, cannabis is still rather psychoactive plant and you should not smoke or ingest it in any other way when you need to have a clear head, and particularly if you were planning on operating any heavy machinery.

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