Buying An Amber Teething Necklace For Your Child

If you’re sitting on the fence wondering whether or not to buy an amber teething necklace for your child then I can assure you that they work wonders for healing teething pains.

I found myself debating whether or not to order one, especially after reading some articles that stated that there was a possibility that children can choke or strangle themselves if they use them. You probably have come across these type of articles yourself, but I’m here to reassure you that the chances of this happening is slim to none if you take the right precautions.

Good quality amber teething necklaces will always come with a safety clasp that acts as the first point of defence. You shouldn’t be letting your child wear one while there are not under your supervision anyway, but if they were to catch the amber teething necklace and it became stuck on an object, the safety clasp would release and prevent the necklace from strangling your child.

This is common sense on behalf of the manufacturers and a welcome addition that we are glad to see. The second safety addition is equally as important and involves minimising the chances of a child choking on any other small pieces of amber that are attached to the necklace. As you should know by now, young children just love to put small objects in their mouth. It all part of the process of growing up and learning about your surroundings, but small pieces of amber like this can be a potential choking hazard and this is why quality Baltic amber teething necklaces are designed to only allow one piece of amber to fall to the floor if the thread that holds them breaks.

Now I know what you are probably thinking. Of course a child can choke on just one piece of amber like this, but when you weigh up all the pros and cons of the amber teething necklace and promise to yourself that you will never allow the child to wear one if you don’t have a close eye on them, then really the chances of anything like this happening are quite minimal if not impossible.

At such a cheap price of close to only $10 so it’s not as though you’re going to be significantly out of pocket if you think that the dangers are too much. In our opinion you would be best off at least trying it out with your child as we are confident that this succinic acid healing properties that are emitted from the amber stones will prove worthwhile in helping to heal your child’s teething pain. At the end of the day it will be your decision whether or not they should continue to wear it and the responsibility of any mishaps will ultimately be yours. But like I said, just always remember that children cannot be left alone with this type of jewellery.

Our child was only eight weeks old when we got him the amber teething necklace for the first time. We thought it would take him a few weeks to get used to it and stop playing with it or trying to grab it, but almost immediately it seemed like he for that it was even on him. We could take it off and place back on with ease without him realising we were even doing it. This is yet another advantage of getting your child to wear an Amber teething neck lace as early as possible.

Some people say that an amber teething neck lace is just a placebo but we beg to differ. The turnaround in our child’s obvious pain that he was suffering was monumental. From going from a crying all day baby to a joyful and energetic bouncing little boy it was clear to see that this was no placebo like effect. Anyways, for a placebo to be a placebo, one would have to understand that they are doing something that is meant to be helping them in the first place. A young child doesn’t know this so for anybody to state this is why they think it works is totally incorrect.

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